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Hoe goed ken jij Ghana?


How Ghanaian are you?
Do the Ghana Quiz and find out if you're a real Ghanaian.

1. How to get the attention of the waiter in your local bar or restaurant?
a. I hit my empty glass or a coin on the table.
b. I put my hand in the air and look in his direction.
c. I hiss loudly.

2. "You are fat!"
a. ... is an insult.
b. ... is a compliment.
c. ... is just a remark.

3. When my food is served, but the others are still waiting,
a. I start eating before it gets cold.
b. I wait with eating until everyone is served, even if my food will get cold.
c. I ask the waiter when the rest of the food is coming.

4. When I approach a zebra crossing and a pedestrian is just about to cross,
a. I honk loudly to chase him off the zebra crossing.
b. I stop to let him pass.
c. I stop for him and ask him how he's doing.

5. It is past midnight and you just left a party with six of your friends. How do make your way back home?
a. I wait for the night bus; always the cheapest way to get home.
b. I stop two taxis to bring everyone home.
c. I stop only one taxi and convince the driver that me and my six friends will all fit in.

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The answers are 1c, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5c.
How many did you get right?